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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Forced Changes

I have been writing a series of blogs on changes I have been asked to make in my beadwork.  Sometimes I'll change it, sometimes I refuse. My next 2 posts are about 2 changes I was "forced" to make.  You'll see why.

The first was a  necklace that I just loved.  It featured a little angel that was a vintage pin, sitting on a cabochon that reminded me of the world.

All was well  until we went to an Art Show. While packing up, a whole tray of jewelry  was knocked onto the pavement. (I am not saying here WHO knocked it onto the pavement, but it wasn't me.  As a side note- I am still married)  This necklace was the only casualty.  The cabochon cracked right down the center.

this picture is the cabochon after I removed it

I liked the necklace, but couldn't really figure out how to save it. The cabochon was both glued in and surrounded by a beaded bezel.   I finally decided nothing was lost by trying to replace the cabochon-after all, it was ruined the way it was.  I cut out the last couple of rows of the beaded bezel first.  But removing the stone  was not as easy as I thought it would be.  That E6000 really holds well!  But I pried it out without damaging too much of the beading.  I found another cabochon that worked, rebeaded the damaged bezel, and it looked like it was supposed to be that way!

I really did like the original cabochon better, but I was happy enough with it, and at least it was not a loss.

The next post will feature another "accident"- and a change that I ended up loving!! Till then....


  1. Oh Betty, how sad when stuff like that happens, but I really like the new result as well as the original. I dropped one of mine just afer I finished it, and cracked the cab much in the same way, but the bezel was more of a surround, and I was able to flex the edges back and use watch crystal glue to repair it. Then, whoopee, I got to keep it for myself!

    1. Yeh- it really is sad. I hate to ditch a piece I like so much, and it is always a relief when I can find a way to salvage it. I am glad yours also worked out OK Marsha!

  2. How sad! Anyway, I'd say the new cabochon works really well and the necklace still looks awesome.

    1. It all worked out OK in the end I guess! Thanks for the comment!