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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Delusional Beading Goddess

I have been a little dreamy eyed lately. (and *maybe* just a little hard to live with!)  It has been an awesome 2 weeks.  First, I went to the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee where I met and even hung out with some of my biggest beading idols ever.  Not to mention the AMAZING jewelry. (Some of them even wore beaded crowns!!)    If you are not a beader, this might be hard to understand, but it was just so much fun. 

Then, shortly after returning home, my Battle of the Beadsmith piece was posted online.  I got the most wonderfully kind, supportive, and reaffirming comments about it.  The response was overwhelming- and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Well, a few days ago someone jokingly left a comment on my FB page calling me a beading goddess.  So I sat here one day imagining myself gliding around the house in my long flowing chiffon gown and gossamer wings, shining gold hair billowing in the wind, with just a touch of stardust.  Oh- I think flowers in my hair too!  And of course gorgeous, sparkly jewelry!

Now let me pause here and say that I am fully aware that I am combining Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, Fairies, etc- and probably my vision doesn’t resemble a goddess at all.  I admit I got carried away- OK?... 

I have some goddesslike qualities after all- well, umm, sort of… like I love being outdoors in the garden, often barefoot.  And that is what I had been doing just before I sat envisioning myself as a beading goddess.   Then I happened to glance down at my feet…..

BOOM!  The Beading Goddess crashed to the earth, all twisted up in her chiffon and gossamer.

Well, it was nice while it lasted anyway. I guess I am just not cut out for this goddess stuff!  

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  1. You are a funny girl Betty. I think you might actually be a goddess tho...