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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Forced changes #2

My last post showed how I removed a broken cabochon and replaced it.

This post involves another broken stone- this time not so easy to replace.

As so often happens, I really had taken a long time making this necklace.  I would work on it a little, then put it away in a drawer and think about it for awhile.  I liked the way it was coming together, but just didn't know what the next step would be.  When I finally got it out to seriously work on it again, I looked at the stone closely, and yep- you guessed it!  It was cracked!!! I don't know if it had been cracked all along, or if it had cracked while being jostled around in the drawer.  Either way- it was cracked.

This stone was a wonderful slab- not rounded on the top like a cabochon.  And an unusual shape, not to mention the unusual patterns in it.  In other words, I couldn't find anything I was happy with to replace it. Although it was cracked, it wasn't broken all the way through, so it wasn't in danger of falling out or anything.  But I still wouldn't sell it this way.  

After asking for suggestions on FB, I came up with a plan.  To disguise the crack, I beaded some branches over the it to mimic the branches on the metal components below it.  (by the way- those metal pieces are old earrings)

I loved the result!!  I think it really added interest to the piece, and blended in very well.  

So I finished up the piece and added the fringe. Finally finished!!   I photographed it.....

Done?  Not so fast there!  After looking at the pictures for awhile, I realized I really was not happy with the fringe. (Plus, there were some remarks on FB that people saw, um, other things when looking at it.  I won't even go into that- I will leave it to your imagination!)  So, back to the drawing board.  After experimenting with several different fringes on the bottom, I finally came up with one that I was happy with.

So there is the finished piece.  When people ask how long it takes me to make one of these pieces, I really can't tell them.  I just grit my teeth and say "LONG"- especially this one!!


  1. What a great idea for covering the crack. I think it definitely worked for the better. Also, the added fringe on the bottom was a big plus, too. You do lovely work!
    Grace (one of your Facebook friends)

    1. Thank you Grace. This is actually one time when an accident turned out for the better!!

  2. Well it was worth all the work. It turned out beautifully!

  3. These are the kinds of pieces I call my "damn it" necklaces. :) Frustrating but worth the effort in the end. This turned out beautifully.