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Monday, February 14, 2011

Making an Australian Wedding Neckpiece

On November 11th of last year, I received a lovely email from an Australian bride-to-be.  She told me that she was getting married Feb 12, 2011 and would like a neckpiece made for the wedding. She had a specific one in mind- she sent me a photo to get the idea.

( this is the photo she sent me as an example)

Well the photo was stunning- but very intimidating!  The bride-to-be said that she had picked out some neckpieces on my web site that might work if  I could add more beads to go over the shoulders, and attached these photos.  Unfortunately, most were already sold, so even if it would have worked, it wasn't possible.  So much for an easy solution!

She told me that she would be having a dress made by a tailor, and that she liked "earthy colors- green turquoise, wooden beads, white marbled brown howlite, etc."  She had been looking for quite awhile for someone who could make this for her, and had just about given up when she came across my web site.  Would I be interested?

This was an exciting proposition- but also more than a little scary.  I really had no idea how to even begin making a piece of this scale!!  After giving it some thought, I wrote back and told her that I would accept the challenge.

So began a process that took over a month to complete.  I will chronicle how it all took shape in this blog.  I will post the dates at the top so you can see the time frame.   And I will not post a picture of the finished piece until the end, so maybe you can get a little bit of the feeling of aprehension, frustration, and stress that I experienced- and oh yes, the pride of the finished project.   I hope you enjoy sharing this journey with me- I welcome any and all comments along the way! 

Next time- figuring out what kind and how many beads to order-  UGH!!!! 


  1. i can't wait to see what you've created for her!

  2. Thanks! I hope you enjoy the posts! I don't know if I am braver than you...I think you are smarter than I am!