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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Last Clasp!

I finally finished my last piece for the "Elegant Elements" clasps!  

This piece started out as a smaller version of my piece "Chione"

 Both are beaded directly onto a lace collar, leaving some of the lace on the collar to show through.

the back

After finishing the main body of the necklace, I had to decide on a neck chain that would accent the clasp.  After experimenting with a few shapes, I settled on some beadwoven "s" shapes.  A little out of my comfort zone, since bead embroidery is more my thing!


But alternating these shapes with some bead embroidered pieces, I was happy with the neckchain.

Well, now comes the fun part.  I wanted to put the beautiful clasp on the front to showcase it, but couldn't think of a way to do it what would look balanced. So I wrote to Steven at the Beadsmith and asked if I could buy another matching clasp from him.  This guy is something else- I had the clasp within a couple of days- no charge!!

Why did I need another one?  I placed one on either end of the neckchain so it would detach.  Then, you can clasp the neckchain and have a whole other simpler necklace!!  I didn't know for sure if it would work out OK- but decided to give it a whirl.

both parts of the necklace, detached 

the neck chain clasped together to form a simpler necklace


So there you have it- a convertible necklace!!  I think I am done with pearls and crystals for awhile though. I'm moving on to my comfortable earthtones!


  1. It's gorgeous both ways! I love it. I could see this as a wonderful wedding necklace - then, when the bride changes clothes, she could convert the necklace to the simpler version and carry her wedding day with her on her honeymoon.

  2. Absolutely brilliant design Betty! Love the use of the clasps.

  3. This is beautiful and so lush. I really love the "s" shapes and the fact that you can wear this necklace two ways is amazing. Your designs are always so out of the box, I love looking at your creations. Do you make up a design ahead of the beading or just go with the flow? I'm always intrigued by the design process.
    P.S. Did the bride from Australia ever send you pictures of her neck/shoulder piece you made for her?

    1. Thanks Judy. I almost never draw out a design before I start. It seems if I have a concrete plan, and force myself to follow it- it never turns out as well. I make out better when I allow myself the flexibility to create as I go along- plus it more fun!
      PS- nope- sadly, I never received pics from the bride

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  6. Thanks Betty for your insight.
    That's too bad about never getting any pictures from the bride. I followed your posts about creating that design, it really would have been lovely to see the bride in your design.

    1. It' s just the way that works best for me, Judy, not necessarily the best way for everyone. I admire those that make beautiful sketches of the pieces they are going to make, and it turns out looking just like the sketch!

  7. What a beautiful and ingenious design! I am in awe.