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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deadlines- Art Show Applications

I am knee deep in paperwork.  Applications to art shows.  Sales tax.  Income tax.  Bead dreams submission.  It all seems to hit at once 

I am working on art show applications today.  What a pain- each show has different requirements- some want digital pics and mail-in application. Some want online application and mail-in pics.  Some are all online. Some even still want slides!! (Are they kidding?  I don't think you can even buy slide film anymore!) And on and on.  Well, you get the idea. I feel like the medical offices must feel- dealing with the different requirements for all the various insurance companies.

So here is a bit of an overview of Art Show applications and examples of some of the things that are required.

Some shows ask for a  Resume.  Not too hard, just look up artist resume on Google and you can find the format you need- pretty straight forward.

Some shows ask for an Artist's Statement.  Now this was a little harder for me.  One of the things I find hardest is using "artist jargon" and still being satisfied that it sounds like me.  If you want an artist statement-to-go, you can always use this artist statement generator!!
Or this one if you want it more personalized
Of course I am kidding!

I did find this page that was very helpful.
By using the questions to brainstorm, I was able to come up with an artist statement that I was fairly happy with- although not happy enough to post it here for public scrutiny!

I have the same trouble with the description of my pieces. I guess I need to take a writing course!  Even the measurements of the piece gives me trouble- how do you measure a necklace?  Is the height the length of the chain plus the focal piece?  or just the main part?  I still don't know the answer to that- I kind of switch off between the two.  I'm not sure anyone reads that part anyway.

And speaking of photos- I love digital applications.  But you need to become pretty familiar with photoshop or another photo program to figure out the requirements for these applications.  Different sizes in pixels or inches, different formats, different dpi, booth pic or no booth pic, black border to fill the space not used by the pic- or not...each application is different.  By the way- if you run into an application that STILL requires slides, here is a link where you can get your digital pics converted to slides. I have used them before and they are fast and nice quality.  But WHY????  Come on people- step on up to digital!

Now, paying for the shows.  Lots of shows require separate checks for deposit and show.  I get it- that's OK.  But I applied to one promoter's shows that asked for 2 separate checks for each of the 4 of their shows I was applying to!  8 checks!  So much for beading- I had writer's cramp after writing them all. Show fees vary widely- I have paid as little as $10 for a weekend, and as much as $1000.  They go up from there.  The non-refundable jury fees vary a lot too- I have often paid $40, not knowing if I would be accepted or not. So, I need quite a stockpile of money in the spring to cover all the show applications, as I do about 15 shows a year.  

My favorite applications are through Zapplication and JAS.  You upload your photos and other info one time, then choose which ones you want to include in your application and complete it all online.  Even using paypal or credit card to pay online.  Once you have your account set up and pictures loaded, it is super easy.  More expensive, but usually worth it to me.

Each show application has it's own deadline- it isn't always logical.  It would be nice if, say, 4 months before the show, each application would be due.  But some are earlier and some later.  I just payed for 3 shows I will be doing in Oct and Nov- the application was due in Jan.!  

Don't let this ranting of mine discourage you.  Just take one at a time and work your way through. And know I feel your pain!

So, back to figuring out these applications.  Then on to taxes. I would love to get back to creating my artwork at some point!!  

Just so this isn't a whole post without pictures, I thought I would share this photo. This bright collar always makes me happy. The polymer clay cabochons were made by my talented friend Nanetta Bananto.



  2. Aren't we onery today? ha! Loved the idiotic artist statements...I input my personal info and it was hilarious! Thank you for the recommendations! The difference between art shows is tremendously different. Wow, I didn't know you did 12 shows annually. No wonder you're busy! Hang in there. You're awesome!

  3. Heh! You can tell I am grouchy!! I even "niced up" the blog before I published it. I do feel better now that I have vented, though!!! My generated artist statement cheered me up too- too funny! Thanks for your comment Catherine!