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Friday, July 1, 2011

Will it arrive IN TIME?

For those of you just joining me, I am writing about the process of creating a made to order neckpiece for an Australian bride.  The wedding was Feb.12th, 2011.  I promised the bride I would not post pictures until after the wedding, so I didn't start this blog until that time.   The dates at the top of each post refer to the dates covered .

Feb. 1-7, 2011

I received an email from the bride on Feb. 1.  She had hired a lawyer and a customs broker. She had just received notice that customs had released the package.  Now we just had to wait for the Australian Post to deliver it- she was hoping to get it by Sat. the 5th.  Yes- one week before the wedding.  Man, this was cutting it close.  But it was still going to be OK. (I kept telling myself.)  Actually, it was more like, "what if it doesn't fit?", "what if it is damaged?", "what if it gets there the day AFTER the wedding?", "what if she hates it?", what if....what if....?

I had not heard from Priscylla on Sunday Feb. 7 and I just couldn't take it anymore.  I wrote and asked her if she had heard anything yet.  She wrote back to tell me that it had indeed arrived at her home, but she was on a Women's Circle retreat with friends and would not be home until Wed. the 9th.  She was a LOT cooler than I was!!  She would not be able to try it on until 3 days before the wedding!!!!!  I was so happy that I mailed it as early as I had!  She would have so much to do when she got home that she didn't think she would have a chance to email me until after the wedding- which I completely understood.  So again I waited.

Next post will be the conclusion of this "saga".  I will post a picture of the finished piece, and let you know if she was happy with it. As of this writing, I do not have photos of the bride wearing the piece, but I promise as soon as I get them, I will post them.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of another piece I made with some of the "leftover" components and beads.  Some of the flowers were pieces I used as experiments for the wedding piece, and some I made specifically for this piece.   Until next time....



  1. How graceful and beautiful must be the original necklace, when this piece is so charming from left over components? I am sure, the bride will love her collar. And I am looking forward to see the original.
    With best greetings from Lover-Austria:
    Uli Jez

  2. Stunning work, so unique and interesting. Looks like renewal and the dream of all things possible...
    -Eva Maria

  3. This is winding down... kind of sad for that, but I am still certainly looking forward to seeing the end result, of course. It has helped that you showed these gorgeous beauties you have created from leftovers... which must be a ton! I think I like this one even better than the previous one, and I was flip over it! :)

  4. Thank you for those nice comments! Although it is winding down for this neckpiece I have lots of ideas for blog posts, so the blog will not end. In fact I have made a whole list of things I want to blog about having to do with this beading business. I am excited to be moving ahead!

  5. The piece above is Stunning! I can't wait to see the wedding collar!

  6. what a cliff hanger you have us all on you should be a writer
    but thank the good Lord that is got to the bride before the big

  7. What a fascinating story!
    Can't wait to see the final post!!!

  8. What a intriguing story - I'll be back for the conclusion!

  9. Thank you all for your comments. The
    last post in this story will
    bec coming soon so stay tuned!!

  10. Wonderful job. Your work is amazing. Please look around my works and tell what You think:)

  11. Aha! No wonder I found it reminiscent of the wedding necklace. Breathtaking Betty and what a great saga! Bravo!